Who Are we?

Oasis studios is a group of driven individuals that strive to bring your Minecraft dreams to reality.

Our main goal going into each and every piece of content is to create environments that most Minecrafters can only dream about, when you play our maps we want you to feel lost; adventuring through amazing scenery with so many different things to explore and enjoy. With our expertise in so many different areas, we can reach our goal for every piece of content we create.


Our Process

Level Design

Level design stage is our most focused area, this is where the amazing builders put hours of time into creating the maps you all love and enjoy!


The Modeling/texture stage is where our amazing 3D artist get to work on creating mythical monsters, Cars and so much more. We use this stage to create block textures that change the maps atmosphere. This is our Personal Favorite stage.


Development stage is another one of our most important stages as this is where we make the maps come to life, making our models move, creating amazing sounds that make you feel like your in the environment created.

Key Art

The Key Art stage is where we put the candy on top, this is the stage that make you guys fall in love with our content before ever playing it, this is a Vary important stage.