Working with Oasis Studios

Flexible Hours
Oasis Studios is currently a remote team, Depending on the projects you are placed on someone is always working around the clock. with that being said you are free to choose when you work as long as we are hitting our goals!
Personal Development
Oasis Studios believes in personal development, meaning as long as your working with us we will do everything in our power to better ourselves and all of our employees. We all have our own skill sets and when put together we can create anything.
A Great work environment
Oasis Studios and the community we've built try to ensure all employees are as comfortable with one another as possible, our push to make this happen is to host game nights twice a week to try and us break the awkward barrier between one another. At the end of the day we are a family trying to meet a goal and being comfortable with one another makes it much easier and much more fun!

Currently Hireing?

Be sure to join our community discord as this is where we will keep you guys up to date if we have job opportunities open. You can also check us out on Bucket of Crabs to see if we have any openings over there! All in all, discord is our one-stop shop to get all the information you may need!

Apply Today!

We open new positions pretty often. We encourage you to fill out an application form as it stays in our system until we see it. If a job opens up that you've applied for we will review all applicants as they come in!